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What's Happening

7/10/20 at 11:30: The water line was repaired and water was restored. The test results also came back and the BOIL ORDER HAS BEEN LIFTED effective immediately.

7/9/20 at 4:15: The water break in front of the North Jay Fire Station that was fixed on Tuesday has begun leaking again. Water is being shut off between 981 & 1094 Main Street and a crew is being called in. Thank you for your continued patience. - Mike Wells, Superintendent

Per Mike Wells, North Jay Water District Superintendent, there was a water break on Route 4 in front of the North Jay Fire Station. A crew has restored water. Thank you for your patience and understanding. A sample is being taken to the testing lab in Augusta. At this time, a BOIL WATER ORDER is in effect for customers between 981 and 1094 Main Street. 

Due to the possibility of unsafe water, North Jay Water District consumers with service between 981 and 1094 Main Street are directed to Boil All Water for one minute at a rolling boil before drinking, making ice cubes, washing foods, brushing teeth or in any other activity involving consumption of water. This Order shall remain in effect until further notice. Questions regarding this notice should be directed to Mike Wells at 207-578-1528 or to the State of Maine Drinking Water Program at 287-2070 during normal business hours. Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience.  

The quarterly Board of Trustees meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 14th at 6:00 at the Jay Town Office. The agenda is: 1. Roll Call and Determination of Quorum - 2. Approval of Minutes from April 14th - 3. System Update by Superintendent - 4. Financial Report and Approval of Accounts Payable - 5. Private Fire Protection & Rate Adjustment - 6. Remote Read System for Meters - 7. Unfinished Business - 8. Other Business - 9. Adjournment

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NJ Terms PUC Approved 4-1-19.pdf


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Last Updated:8/12/20


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