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This payment page is only for residents of North Jay Water District.

Click here to go to the payment page for Jay Village Water District residents.


North Jay Water District Bill Payments

View/Pay eBills


If you do not already have an account you will first need to Register, as follows:


1) Click the "Register" button
2) Create your eCommerce User ID (this will be your username)
3) Fill out your First and Last Name, or your Business Name
4) Enter and confirm your
Email Address
5) Enter and confirm your Password
6) Choose a Security Question and Answer
7) Click "Continue"


You will receive an email with a Verification Code. You will need to click the link in this email and enter your Verification Code within 24 hours or your new user account will expire automatically.

Tip: To ensure you receive this email, please add "" to your email "Whitelist" as the email will come from this address.


After you have created your account you can sign in by following these steps:


1) Click  View/Pay eBills
2) Sign in using the username you created earlier

You will now be logged into the Online Payment Portal. From here you have two options:

  1. View & Pay Bills
  2. Pay Other Items


View & Pay Bills


Use this option to sign up for eBilling (instructions below), to View your online bill, or to make a direct payment on your online bill. To view or pay your bill using this option you MUST sign up for eBilling.



Note: if you use this option to make a payment you can ONLY pay your exact bill amount.


How to Sign Up for eBilling:


If you wish to receive your bills electronically, please follow these instructions:


1) Sign in to our Payment Portal
2) Click the "View & Pay Bills" button
3) Click the "Add an Account" button
4) Select "Water Bill" as your Bill Type
5) Enter your SIX DIGIT Account Number

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your Account Number must match EXACTLY with the Account Number on your actual bill, including the leading zeros. NOTE:  YOUR ACCOUNT IS SIX DIGITS LONG.


6) Enter your PIN #

Tip: The PIN Number is a 5-digit number listed above the Account Number on your statement.


7) Click "Continue"

8) Enter your Initials to indicate your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions, then click "I Agree"


Your registration request will now be submitted to our servers. When it has finished processing you will receive an email at the address you provided indicating that your account is available. This process may take up to 72 hours.


Pay Other Items


Use this option to make a One-Time credit card payment to your account; this option is preferred when you do NOT wish to receive your bills electronically but you still want to pay your bill online.


You will need to type in your SIX DIGIT Account Number each time you use this option, and you have the ability to make partial payments if you wish to do so.



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